TVR Turbo and induction upgrade V8 Griffith and Chimaera hotwire ECU kits
Turbocharger, Engine Management            and Induction  system upgrades for
          TVR Chimaera and TVR Griffith
WELCOME to TorqueV8 
We manufacture performance turbocharger and induction system upgrades for V8 TVR Chimaera and Griffith 

Our oil and water cooled turbocharger system provides massive torque and power increases whilst keeping  overall stress low Using a high flow low pressure system helps reduce losses, stress and improves reliability even more.

The engine management utilises the original wiring loom, sensors and ecu  connector making installation straight forward and  reversible.
Installation can be stand alone or part of a turbocharger installation controlling fuel, spark and boost.

The induction system offers improved torque and power by removing the restriction to air flow inherent in the original air intake system. It has been modified over the years and is available with remote electronics to minimise heat soak.  
Our systems have been developed over a number years on our development Chimaera 450's.  They have proven reliable on our customers cars providing improved performance and driving characteristics.
We look forward to talking to you.  

Eann Whalley
Mobile: +44 07894067762
TVR Chimaera 450 development car 1

TVR Chimaera 450 development car 2
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