TorqueV8 Turbocharger

Turbocharger Systems
Our oil and water cooled turbocharger system, designed from the start in 2009 as a low pressure high flow system, capable of over 500bhp.

It can be configured for modest to massive torque and power increases whilst keeping engine stress low.

With ease of installing in mind the turbo complete with manifold and wastegate fits in place of the Y piece.

  "Imitated never bettered"

A fully programmable ECU is available with adaptor cable which plugs into the standard ECU socket. Utilising the original wiring loom connectors and sensors.

Supplied with a compromise fuel map ready for mapping on a dyno.
Upgrades for mapped ignition, coil packs, boost control and knock sensing available.

There are three configurations of hotside available to match your engine requirements.

  Torque Power Performance