TorqueV8 Engine mangaement

Engine Management

The Engine management kit is based around the  Megasquirt ECU which is able to control fuel and spark relative to boost pressure. The coil packs have built in igniters which reduces the current requirements of the ECU and a TVR compatible tachometer drive is also provided.

For ease of installation an adaptor plug is used to enable use of standard wiring harness, with an additional harness supplied for coil packs and crank sensor.and the power connections.

The coil packs are mounted in place of the distributor which means the power steering reservoir remains in its original position.

In this installation the TorqueFlow AFM is used to control the fueling and can accommodate boosts of up to 5psi on the standard management system. With appropriate injector upgrades and mapable distributor 10 to 15 psi is possible after careful setup.

  Torque Power Performance